Small Update

Just another shot at the progress, im done with both panels now and it looks like its easy stuff but i promise its not:) a lot of grinding, measuring, soldering and headace… the wiring was a bit tricky to as i have a new ignition switch that sould work in more then one way but all sorted out now. but my usual luck strike me once more… at the final stage of mounting the oled display for the trim guage (as seen to the right of the round switch) the glass on the display cracks and the display is no longer working:( well well, i just have to order a replacement and put another hour on removing the broken one and glue the new in place and finally solder it to the arduino board, not that much work or money but they come from China so i have about 2-3 weeks of shipping time:(


Oh, and i made a mockup of what im aimin for, this is the new steering wheel i want (though that one is kind of expensive, but it will be one similar to this) and the new cupholders in stainless steel is in a box at my feet and not included in this image is the new aluminium panel behind the ignition switch, i also already have the rest of the iridium drift gauges ready to mount so maby this summer i will finish the whole dash:)


And finally, I got my new leds that i will have as docking lights, they will also serve as strobe lights for when the alarm goes of.