Android Apps


I managed to get out of the Iphone cult and got an Android phone instead, i got the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and im very pleased with it so far..

So i had this app on my Iphone that controls the alarm in my boat and its operating via text messages (sms). But i could only find one or two on the app store that could do this.
Problem with these is that they don’t really have all the functions that i want and the look of them is really ugly.

But now with an Android device in my hand its far more easier to make apps, or at least get them on your phone so i thought wth.. im just gonna do one myself that looks good and have all the functionality that i want:) and about a week after i had my first version done (GSM Guard v1.0), for now it have not made its way to the official Market Place as im not really finish with it, it can do all i want and my first design was ok, but as a graphical artist you are never pleased a 100% with it so i have already started my V1.5 this version will have the possibility to configure more with the app when its installed as most of the functions atm are hard coded in the app and hopefully i will make the design little better:)

And here is a sneak peak of V.1.5 (im thinking of changing name of it to)


Stay tuned:)


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