Arduino Smart Reef V2

So this will be my second Aquarium controller, the first one i made was running fine for almost a year until the temp probe gave up and the fan accidentally fell down into the water and gave up to. It is time to build a new and improved one, this time it will have a sunrise dimmer function for the lights which will also be a new setup of led lights, there will be a fish feeder and better fan control that adjust its speed accordingly to the temperature, it will also kill the lights if the temp gets to hot. I think i have all the parts, except for the new led strips that are on their way from China:)

I will put up the sketches and wiring when im done with it but until then u have to do with some images of the build process:)

Starting with an Arduino Nano V3 and RTC 1307


So booring to get old… my eyes is no longer what they used to be:)



Digole 1.3 Oled display


Oled display and the RTC is wired and running:)


The startscreen



Board two, this will host all the power handling as the TIP122 and voltage regulator for the arduino that i will be driving at 9V and a DC jack.


3x TIP122 with 1k resistors


My new LED light arrived, well the white at least, should get some blue to any day now, these are actually DLR lights for cars, but i wanted to give them a try as they where really cheap and had about 6-7k kelvin, im not really a fan of really blue lights even though it is a reef aquarium, but the blue LEDs will fill some blue to it to:) they are also waterproof which is good, and i actually noticed difference on my frog spawn directly so they seems to like them.


And some test mount/run. (yes i will do a proper cleaning of the tank after im done with this project)





Stay tuned, theres plenty more to come for this project:)

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