17 Liters Nano Reef

So i have eventually taken the decision to try out a marine nano reef tank, this will be a challenge i think but atleast i have to give it a try:) so to start i go small, my 17 litres tank will have to do for start just to get it goin, for now i have only added the live sand and 2 live rocks, added the salt and made a temporary lighting from some spareparts i had lying around, i might replace the lights when i ad my first corals, my idea is to have some soft corals some shrimp and 2 clowns, though this tank is to small for having any fish at all ill just have the clowns until they grow up or i get a bigger tank, my hope is to maby get a fluval edge 46L or similar, but thats it for now and il just have to see how this progress:) Note to self.. this is actually a pico tank and not nano.. 🙂

This was taken some months ago, will soon ad a more recent image of what it looks like now, but its still running and i dont had any bigger issues with it so far, except the gracilis that didnt like the lack of light i have so that one have almost died completely:( But on the other hand the xenia thrives well and are spreading troughout the tank so ill guess this will be a xenia tank in the end:) And i know i need to upgrade the lights but as the ideá is to get somewhat bigger tank ill just wait with that:)


As i expected the Gracilis has fully opened it self today and i guess this is a good sign of that it is healthy and the water is in good shape:)

Parazoanthus Gracilis Opened

My first Anemone.. well actually a Colonial Anemone but still:) a Parazoanthus Gracilis (Yellow Polyp) was inserted today. I was little worried at first if it had survived the 6h long travel in the plastic bag, but after having it in for 2h it finally open up its polyps, not completely open on the image but as im writing this it has open even more so ill guess tomorrow it will be fully opened:) i have to admit i was little doubtful when in the store that i actually thought this was a good looking coral, but when i see it in place i dont regret it now, it really flows nicely in the stream and the colour does look better irl.

Parazoanthus Gracilis

It has now gone 20 days since start and my first fish has moved in, and ofcourse it had to be to clownfishes named Nemo and Marvin (his name in the Swedish version) and i now, not very originally but i just had to:) i also introduced my first coral and my choice went to a Xenia Umbellata as that one is very hardy and should be easy to keep alive even for beginners:) i also inserted another turbo snail as the one i had got way more then he could handle. and finally my Anemone shrimps that seems to thrive well finally dared to enter the light long enough for me to get a decent picture:), so here are som new photos of that.

NanoReef Day 20

Sexy Shrimp



One of the small seastar Asterina


Day 9

So nine days has gone since i started, i have now installed the external cannister filter to it, my Eheim 2078e Pro and not only does it give a good circulation but it also ads a total watervolume to 32 litres that will make it little easyier to maintan proper values, i also added some invertebrates as a turbo snail and three Sexy anemone shrimps (Thor Amboinensis) that looks really cool


Small update, added some more rocks to stabilize the layout, and also added my first inhabitant, a turbosnail that i named Neb after our boss at work:)



A small vid from day 3

Day 3 Vid

Closeup on the LS


Day 3

Nano Reef Day 3

Day 1

Nano Reef Day 1

Nano Reef Day 1


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