Bryant 189

Speaker Grills

Last year i got new speakers, theres 6 slots for them but i think that little bit overkill for that size of boat so i settled for four, but then i have two speaker slots over and for now i just hae the old speaker left in there. and ofc i cant have it like that so i need to make 6 new speaker grills so theu all match toghether:)

Took my router and cut out the main shape first.


And more trimming with the router.




Test fit in the boat


Almost done, going to acid etch out the logos in aluminium, so thats the only step i have left besides mounting them all in the boat.


2016 Spring restoration

Finally polished and cleaned up, and this year i grew tired of all barnacles so i decided to do a bottom paint. But as it have never been done to this boat before it was a lot of work, i had to lift the entire boat up first so i could get to all places on the hull, grind down the entire hull surface after that i put 2 layers of epoxy primer and 2 layers of hard anti fouling paint. i also bought a new SS prop, i went for a Mirage 14.3/8 21p and it works great, i have got my speed back to normal so now topping at 43-44 knots at 4800 rpm.
I also removed the old logo and replaced it with new vinyl chrome logos. though i will replace these to with the factory made stainless steel versions, but that will probably be next year:)






My trimlevel display is finished, i had so much problems with this so i dont even know where to start, its a really simple thing but iv been so unlucky with it, 3 oled displays broke, 2 arduino nanos and i had to remake the aluminium plate, then something happened with the code and it didnt work as it should, but now everything is put togheter and ready to be inserted to the boat.. hopefully i wont screw this up though..:)



And just some new images on the new helm and lights in the dark:)




Some new pics.

Just added some new images on the changes, the finished helm, new courtsey lights and cupholders:)




Lots of stuff goin on.

As you might have noticed on the front page there is lots of stuff happening with the boat. The helm has got some new gauges, new mounting for the sonar, new stereo with new speakers from Kicker. the switch panel is remade with new buttons, new steering wheel and more to come, i also got new courtesy led lights but they where little smaller then the original ones so i had to made some mounting backplates, (images below) and i really liked how they turned out. (the big round pieces is another project ill explain later) and i also replace all the cupholders to stainless steel.




And this is the new helm, the steering wheel is not bolted yet as i had to get me a hub to fit the teleflex mount but i got that now and going to mount it this weekend.


But the winter sets its mark and when i uncovered a couple of weeks ago i discovered all vinyl was totally covered in mildew and first i tried a lot of products to get rid of it without success, but then i tried the nano sponge and some chlorine and it literally just magically washed away:) on this image you can also see the new Kicker speakers and the new backplate i made for them.


Im also mounting some new bow and stern led lights, some more sensors to the alarm, i had the carb removed and put some new brass bushings in the both shafts so it doesnt leak air, i had the alternator removed and looked over, also changed the voltage regulator, refitted the sonar sensor as it was little to low mounted, i steamcleaned the carpets and jst alot of adjustments, so soon it will be splashtime again:)

Finally touched the water

So after some months locked inside a barn, its back where it should be.. in the water:) Same weekend i polished and made some small fixes, i also removed the gold striping that had become old and weared, and im also almost finished with the new trim/tilt gauge. Sp here are some new images.








Carburator Rebuild Step 3.

Rebuild Done 🙂 now lets just hope it works..


Carburator Rebuild Step 2.

Cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner and outside a used a sodablaster to remove dirt and old paint, finally put a layer of silver coat just to make it shiny:) Next step is to put it all togheter again:)


Carburator Rebuild.

I have fully disassembled the Rochester Cuadrajet 4bbl now and started the cleaning with a ultrasonic cleaner, overall the carb looks in good shape, but one thing is bothering me. The throttle shaft bushings are worn out so it has little to much play there:( now i have seen there are pretty cheap repair kits to fix this, but as i will have to buy that from ebay i will most likely have to wait 3-4 weeks for them to arrive, and a planned splash during this easter holyday is at risk, problem with this is that the carb is really hard to tune correctly, if not even impossible. I just think ill clean it up thoroughly, change the seals and acc pump and the rest of the little pieces i got in the rebuild kit and hope for the best, and then maby to next season i buy a brand new carb instead, or i redo the rebuild and this time with new shaft bushings, jets and needles.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:)

Engine Service.

This weekend i got alot done, i have changed the engine oil, filter, spark plugs, glued some loose leather on the dash, mounted another 12v jack at the back seats, started to remove the gold striping that was pretty worn and didnt look that good anymore, and more.. so my check list is getting smaller now:)
And last but definitely not least, i have started the rebuild och the Quadrajet 4BBl Carburator.. Now im seriously planning on getting me a ultrasonic cleaner:)
And some images ofc.






Almost launch time.

As i finally got my old boat sold i got room and more time for my Bryant, there are still some more weeks until its time for launch but theres lots of things to do before. This weekend i installed the check valve for the fuel line, installed a new temp sensor and finally two more of the iridium guages, and damn they look nice, i was afraid that i wouldnt see anything on them in full sunshine but they are actually really visible (even more irl then the image below show), next week i hope for a sunny weekend so i can start the engine and sterndrive with new oils, filters, sparks, impeller, ie.



Starting to take shape

This weekend ive installed the new GPS and one of the new Drift gauges, i also installed the switch panel i made and i have to say im pretty pleased with how it turned out, i have to get a new sender unit thread for the water temp sensor, just need to find the right one:)


This will go on the dash instead of my previous plans.
New guages from Iridium Drift.
Led guages with a nice blue colour.


New chartplotter/GPS
Got a new Gps and my choice fell on the Garmin echoMap 50DV, its a combined GPS and Sonar with garmins new DownVü function that shows very detailed sonar images. cant wait to get it in the boat and test it now, but it isnt really time to put the boat in the water just yet so i have to wait some more weeks to try it out.


The new switchpanel is taking shape.
I have started to make progress on the panel, so far i have connected the Arduino and the capacitive touch sensor board and got some code to make it work, as for now i just soldered som wires and i got the signal coming in to the termialwindow on the pc, but theres a long way to go from here, next step is to hook up the relay board and get that to work, i also made a woden template for the actual panel, this will me made in aluminum, but for now this will be enough just to get something to work on and get the measurements right, atleast i got the oppurtunity to use my dremel as a router and thats always a bit fun to do:) (note to self… i need/want a CNC Router)
Follow the link to the right to see more of this project.


Got some nice items in the mail today:)
The new gauges from Intellitronix for the new dash, and also the microcontroller with the relayboard and capacitive sensor card for the new switchpanel, guess ill need to start learning some c++ coding now then:)


3D Renders
I have made a 3D model of the boat, it just makes it more easy to imagine how things would look like if i make any changes to it, first idea i have is to rebuild the dash.. have to think about this as that would require some large amount of work, but damn that would be nice:) more renders and ideas will probably come soon:)



Maby its time to pick up the paint gun:)


An ideá of how i could rebuild the dash, this is not the final ideá though:) but the steering wheel from Gussi is a final choice, and also the gauges from Intellitronix, im not sure how i will replace the trim/tilt gauge since thats not a gauge intellitronix have:( but maby with some custom work to their fuel gauge it just could work.. the center LCD screen will be a GPS/plotter, not decided yet which brand or model though.


Some new stuff..
This will be installed next weekend, as it is an open boat and i really dont have any place to lock stuff in to i decided to get an alarm for the boat plus it has some detectors for other things to. The sensors i have to it is a infrared sensor to detect motions, magnet switch thats going to be to the engine compartment, smoke detector if the boat of some reason gets on fire and finally a water detector if it takes in water, if anything of this goes of there will be a loud siren and a really bright strobe light and it will also send me a sms to my phone to let me know and what sensor that is triggered. one thing i couldnt choose frpm this supplier is a canvas snap sensor that triggers if soemone tries to open the canvas top, but there are still availible slots on the alarm to put one in so im thinking of buy one of those to:) It is also possible to remote control it from my phone.


Ahh, Autumn..


The autumn is here, and with it the end of this years boat season:/ it has been a good season though and no major issues with the boat, biggest problem i have is that the fuel drains back down the tank when im not using it for a day, and it takes really long time for the pump to suck it up to the carb again, so i have to crank it almost til the batteries (2 of them) drains out. But once i got it to start it runs just perfect, have to get a check valve at the tank fitting, second is that there are some places that allows water to come in when it rains that needs to be dealed with. But i have some months to next season now so…

But now i have taken the boat upand its time for some improvement:)
What i have done so far is.

Cleaned the upholstery as that was very dirty, took some days of rubbing but was well worth the effort:)
Changed the stereo to a newer JVC media Player
Added a second battery with a relay so the generator charges both but it disconects the starter battery when the voltage goes below 11.3v so i will always have power to start the engine.
Installed ledstripes all around the boat with a remote control.
Replaced the trim and tilt senders.
Made a new panel for interior light switch and an extra 12v power jack in the back of the boat (images below) though i have replaced the black coating to white leather, not sure if im gonna keep it with that, looks really good but not the same white as the other leather in the boat:/
Replaced all the lights in the cluster to blue led (images below)

What i will do this year
Wash, polish, clean the leather one more time, fill some scratches with gelcoat, clean the sprayhood and steamclean the carpet
Replace some of the buttons to the sprayhood
Put some locks to the skilocker
Mount the new panel and change more lights to led
Install alarm
Replace the steeringwheel
Rebuild the carburator (already bought the rebuild kit)
Tint the windows dark
Mount stainless steel fishing rod holders
Install led docking lights
Replace the vents at the back to stainless steel ones
Turn in the stainless steel prop for rebuild (got one extra when i bought the boat that was in really bad shape)
And replace all cupholders to stanless steel ones.

Guess thats it for this year, next year im thinkin of changin all 6 speaker and ad a amplifier, mount smarttabs, underwater led sternlight.
And ofc some images, i will put up some more as i take them and the progress goes along:)

Read more about the little panel below here



I finally took the decision to get a newer boat, the choice went on a Bryant 189 (Limited Ed) Bowrider from 95, i was aiming fo little newer but the boat was in really good condition and the engine is replaced to a 98 Mercruiser 5.0L V8, ill post more info and images on this boat soon.

Added some led lighting, comes with a remote control so i can change colors and intensity:)






This would be one of the main reasons to go with Bryant:)


  • moe

    what kind of steering wheel was on your first boat?? (chrome trim)

    • Artifaction

      Not sure what you mean by my first boat, as my first boat was a small sailboat with just an 5hp outboard engine, so there was no steering wheel at all on that one:)

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