Rebuild The Dashboard

So as the panel project now is on hold as the mpr121 got broken i decided to start with the dash, this will be a big, time consuming and hard project but i hope ill manage to get it like i want to.

Im afraid im calling a quit to this project, or atleast a big part of it, the reason is two things, one: the leather was to damn hard to get in place in just one piece, maby with some more effort i would have made it but it was to hard without proper tools to do it, second reason is that im not 100% happy with the layout and thats the one thing i decided when i started that if im not 100% im not gonna use it, what i will use is the digital gauges, but i will place them in the original gauges instead, i will also continue with the arduino based trim/tilt that also will be mounted in one of the original gauge, i think this will look pretty cool anyway as the gauges will be completely black when they are not on and have a nice red glow from the led digits when turned or, plus i will get some new functionality, as for the gps a might have a solution to put this to the far side of the dash without hiding any of the gauges, but ofc photos of that will come when i get there.

I can say that im not happy with this decision as a hate failures but ill just make the best out of it:)

This shit was not easy.. and then ive only done the “easy part” but ive done half so that will have to cure now and ill do the rest tomorrow:)


The glass panel is in place and ive made a bevel so it is flush with the panel, now you can see how it will look when its done, next step is to apply the leather to the panel.




Didnt get as far as i wanted in the progress during the holidaysm but its almost ready for routing out the bevel for the glass front, and after that ill try to get some black leather on it.



Not even Christmas is sacred, have to continue with the dash to get it done by springtime:)Adding some filler to get the final form. also gave it a black layer of paint just to see where to put the filler.


Putting on some more fibreglass, does not have to be that accurate atm, just need to have a first layer to ad some more to:)
(Btw photo taken with the Iphone 5S, really nice camera in that one:))


This weekend im hoping to get something done, and so far im doing good:)
I have made the front glass for the gauges, started the actual build of the housing for it all and made the final adjutments of the form of the gauges. Im planning to go to the boat tomorrow and see if i got the measurements right, and also planning on install the new switch panel i made, so i guess there will be some more fotage tomorrow:) but until then.

First piece in place, just fixate it with some wood glue, next is putting some fibreglass ad start to form it up.


Trimming the “mold” that will be a part of the whole dash now as it fits perfect to the original dash:)



They key for a good result.. templates:)


The last form i made didnt really stay as i wanted so i need to make some adjustments.


The base is roughly done.


Starting to see how it would look:)


I remade the layout for the gauges as it didnt look that good to have them as in the other setup.  (the woodpanel in the image should be turned upside down).


The work on the dash moves forward, kind of slow though:/ but atleast im doing some woodwork. And i think this project will introduce me to many new challanges ive never tried before.
It was the first time i made a mold in fibre glass, and i dont think i have ever needed to bend wood before so this was also a new experience for me, but so far it seems to turn out good, atleast good enough.
There will also be more fibre glass on this wood to put all pieces togheter. I also had to change some of my original ideas, some rearrangement for the gauges and the biggest change will be that i wont have the gps flushmounted as i first planned as the dash will be “removable” it will most likely be an easy target for some people that havent got one of their own and just want one without paying for it, so i will instead just made a dedicated place for it, but i hope this will look as good to:)


Today i put all gauges togheter and did a testrun (only power) and it looks good:) i mounted them on a piece of plexi as i want to use as little wood as possible. i also got my Oled display in the mail today along with my flat top leds:)




I searched for hours after a template for the gauges but without success, so i had to made one. just ad a comment if you like to use it and ill give you the original;)


The mold is finished and i have started to do some measurement and planning for the different gauges and other stuff:)


So first i made a mold of the current dash so i have something to work with, also so that i could restore the dash to its original if needed. I started with some aluminium paper (the same as you have in the owen) so that the mold will come of pretty easy, and on that i put masking tape (the kind in paper) so that the polyester had something to attach to, when this was done i put some polyester resin and chop strand and made the first layers to the mold.



I will replace all the gauges to digital versions and i decided tha the create a dash from Intellitronix would look great, and i found the red version on ebay pretty cheap:)
This is how they look.


And when turned on


I also ordered a Oled display to have as the trim/tilt gauge as that wasnt included in the create a dash kit, that display will also work as a clock and will be driven by an arduino board (i might ad some more functionality to it but havent decided what yet).

I have just made some first mockups of the layout for the startupscreen, tilt and clock.


The actual building of the dash will start hopefully next week and ill start by doing a fibreglass mold of the current dash and work from that, but more about that when i start, and that wil be when the capacitive switch panel is done.

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