Arduino Reef Controller

Have to make something to automate a fan before summer comes so my pico reef tank dont get to hot, also want to include time controls for the lighting instead of those bulky timers i have now.

So best way to do this would be with an arduino as base.
So first of, a list of the main hardware im planning to use.

Arduino Uno R3
DF Robot LCD Keypad shield
1307 RTC Module
Dallas DS1829B Temp Sensor
4 Channel Relay module
Scythe ITA Fan

relay rtc lcd temp
ard fan
Below is the code im working on in its current state, please note that this code might not be complete yet so if you use it, that will be on your own risk.

I will post the wiring to soon, but this is how far i got for now.


Hot glued the relay board in to a box im planning to use.

And also hot glued the RTC on the back of the LCD Shield

More hot glue and all pices in place:)

Now the fun begins, after some re-soldering (got some wires wrong) i put the first part of code in.

Next step will be to connect the temp sensor, though i need to buy some kind of connection, im thinking of use a 3.5mm stereo phono plug as the wiring for the temp sensor is only 3 wires.
Will post more as the progress goes further so stay tuned:)

So i got the tempsensor hooked up and working, also connected the fan and so far i got the relay to turn on the fan when the temp hit 28 degree, im gonna lower that value though to 27.50
Now i have to get the time working, i can get it to work though, but as soon as i disconnect the power the clock resets back to 1970-01-01, nned to solve this…:/
But this is how it looks now.


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